Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve

It's New Year's Eve and I don't have to get up at 2:50 am anymore - at least for this year. That in itself is a reason to be thankful! I don't think I'll last until the New Year - I'm pretty tired and will probably sleep through it.
I tend not to make resolutions although I have a few goals for the new year. I want to do some work on the house so personal spending will be reduced considerably. My house is at an age where everything is needing to be replaced or fixed and I may as well accept that fact. New taps for the kitchen and a new toilet for the bathroom are first on the list - I have the money set aside and will be visiting the local hardware mecca when the shops re-open with their New Year's sales on the weekend, weather permitting. There is a tax credit available this year for home improvements so I may also pick up some paint and check out a sale on laminate flooring for the living room - 69 cents a square foot with a 25-year warranty sounds almost too good to be true but I will check it out. When the weather improves, a new roof will probably be installed, along with an oil tank - it's time for both. Not exciting but necessary - I will be sensible this year.
When I'm not fixing up the house, I will save as much as possible for my RRSP and Tax free savings acount.
I will take on some extra projects so I can make some extra money. I will try to write more and write more creatively. I will practise my instrument more - arthritis has made me lax but I will overcome that.
I will become more fit - exercise at least three times a week for a half-hour or more at a time. I will try not to eat so much junk. I will drink more water and eat more fruits and vegetables. And if I do those things, some weight loss should occur - I'd like to lose 10 pounds. I will sleep more and watch TV less.
These are pretty much the same goals I have every year and each year, I do feel I am making some progress. As long as I don't get any worse, I'll be happy.
And I will continue to try as many new teas and (decaf) coffees, and chocolates as possible. After all, we have to have something to look forward to!
Happy New Year everyone!

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