Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day - it's over!

And that's a sigh of relief from here. Now I can go back to being my usual crabby self! Seriously though, all the self-imposed pressures of the season end today and that's why it's become my favorite day of the holiday season. No work, no pressure, no relatives. Here in Nova Scotia, there's only one thing open and happily, it's also my favorite - Shoppers! I blew $60 in a matter of minutes, stocking up on my favorite shampoo, that was on sale for a $1.49, half-price good quality chocolate that will hopefully go into the freezer for snacking later in the year and some bath gift sets that are going to me - no one ever gives me that stuff for Christmas and I actually like those sets so every year, I pick up a few after Christmas for myself through the year. Most years, I also pick up wrapping paper but this year I am not doing that - I have enough of that stuff to last a long time.
After two pretty tasty turkey dinners yesterday, we're settling in with a good feed of bacon wrapped filet mignon, vegetables, garlic mashed potatoes and a cherry cheesecake pie. Maybe we'll pig out a little bit more on Sunday - but on Monday, we're going to open that gym membership that I bought - we need it!


  1. Sounds like great fun!:)Blessings~Sharon

  2. After all that turkey here too, the filet mignon sounds pretty good!! We've had beef or pork for new year's the last few years... not sure about this year.

    I usually am so late going to the after Christmas sales that all the good stuff is gone!

  3. The filet was divine - you could taste a hint of bacon through the meat. We've always cooked a turkey before but by the time we'd get to it, we'd be sick of it, thanks to the other meals. This year, I'm saving the turkey for a Sunday in January or February. I might just go with appetizers on New Year's - they're fun and filling. As for going late to the sales, that's a good thing - that's when they hit 75 per cent off or more!