Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's December - more foods to try!

I'm a seasonal eater - I eat everything that's in season and then some. Every year, I eagerly wait for December because that means it's time for those seasonal goodies. I used to be a big fan of magazines but I got tired of seeing articles on healthy eating and how to lose five pounds during the holidays - come on, for one month of the year, let us indulge without guilt. If you believed everything that's written in magazines, every food is a deadly sin to be avoided at all costs and we should exercise 24 hours a day - that doesn't sound too healthy to me.
So what are the foods I like to eat without moderation at this time of year? Here are the traditional favorites.
1. Chips (and dip) - I like chips all through the year but for some reason, the onion dip comes out in December and despite my dislike for condiments, I do like it.
2. Bits and Bites - For reasons entirely my own, it just doesn't seem right to eat these at any other time of the year.
3. French Creams - These are nearly impossible to find now. For those who live outside the Maritimes, they're sugary pastel confections that manage to have a creamy, hard fudgelike taste.
4. Barley toys - Again, hard to find but Robertsons of Nova Scotia I think still makes them.
5. Candy canes or red and white striped mints - again, it's almost sinful to eat these during any month but December.
6. Eggnog - My father made the most incredible (non-alcoholic, of course) eggnogs for me when I was a child - until I was 21, he made me one first thing Christmas morning. I get kinda sentimental since he died when I was 22 and I haven't had one as good ever since. I just buy a quart or two of the storebought stuff now but it still brings back pleasant memories
7. Cheese - I have to have a selection of cheeses every Christmas - and it has to be ones that I don't normally buy.
8. Boxes of cheap chocolates - Yep, it just ain't right unless there's a box of not-so-hot chocolates to snack on at parties - you know the kind - they're on sale now at the drug stores for $3.99 or less.
9. Turkey! Turkey! Turkey!
10. Mashed potatoes, mashed carrots and turnip, stuffing - the holy triumvirate of turkey accompaniments.
11. some sort of pie - maybe even mincemeat.
12. clementines - the easiest way to get some much needed vitamin C. Plus, they're really cute.
13. Glasses of cranberry juice or tomato juice - to imbibe before all the other stuff, of course.
14. Antacids. 'nuff said.


  1. I'm laughing to myself as i read your list, as i can relate to your entire list except for the Frech creams. I'd change them for Gagnong's chicken bones and peanut butter fluff's (if i could find PB fluff's somewhere). I'd substitue Bailey's for the tomato juice.

    Now I'm getting hungry just thinking about all that food!

  2. Oooh, peanut butter fluffs - forgot about those! I think Wal-mart may carry them - I think they do here in the aisle that stocks Purity Foods from Newfoundland. My brother loves Ganong's chicken bones but I never really liked them too much. I'm sure anyone outside the Maritimes has never even heard of this stuff (which might be a good thing) but it's just not December without it!

  3. those really awful chocolate covered cherries. We had chicken bones in the US. Don't know if we still do. You are soo funny

  4. Ahem, I happen to like those cherries. I may have taste, but not all of it's good. In fact, during the off-season (when those boxed cherries aren't so readily available), I'll occasionally get a Cherry Blossom, which is a mega maraschino cherry surrounded with cherry flavored goo in a cheap chocolate and peanut shell, which, if you truly hate chocolate-covered cherries, you would absolutely despise! It's an easy way into a sugar coma.