Monday, December 28, 2009


I made a mistake - apparently Nova Scotia isn't the only province with no shopping allowed on Boxing Day. I just figured since we were the last place in Canada without Sunday shopping that we automatically had the stuffiest shopping laws in the country. Now, I'm not advocating no family time and working seven days a week - but I think everyone, regardless of who they are, should be entitled to do things when they want and can - and for some, that is on Sundays and holidays. Of course, when I had my small business, it did make for a challenge but you decide your own battles.
I just finished an early morning shift and I'm drinking egg nog mixed with decaf coffee - a tasty treat for the middle of the day. I so enjoyed the long weekend and I have another to look forward to this weekend, after just three more get-ups!


  1. I think probably PEI and possibly Newfoundland & Labrador observe boxing day like we do too...

    At least we can do online shopping whenever we want :-)

    I've never been an eggnog drinker. Wait, have I ever even tasted it? It's really not big in my area, not with the french Canadians anyway... it must be a nice holiday treat though!

  2. Aah, another person who puts eggnog in her coffee - I do it with some of the black breakfast teas too. Yum

  3. Yay for online shopping! Eggnog is very good - of course homemade is the best but the store stuff is pretty good too. While I like it in coffee, I've never tried it in tea - I'm going to do that!