Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lunch - blech!

Every so often, I get so bored with packing a daily lunch that I avoid it until the last evil minute. And that's bad for me since I feel the effects of my inattention, boredom, whatever, the next day when I'm hungry and need something to eat. A daily packed lunch is a necessity since I have to stay in an office all day (any errands have to be done before my shift or on a day off) and there's no fast food places nearby, for seven months of the year. There is a small ice cream/burger stand at the end of the road but frankly, I wouldn't eat there even if I did have tons of money to spend and it's only open from May until October anyway. I try to pack a mid-morning snack such as a granola bar, a main course, such as a sandwich, leftovers or crackers and cheese or hummus and a mid-afternoon snack, usually fruit and/or cookies or nuts. It sounds like a lot of food but I tend to eat a very light breakfast (usually just yogurt or fruit) and my hungriest periods have always been between 11 am and 3 pm. I also take a Thermos of boiling water and a selection of teas. Because of the nature of my job, a lot of snacks that I can eat through my shift are much more appropriate than one big meal. I go through periods where leftovers from the previous night's supper are the best thing to frozen dinners and packaged granola bars to my bento lunches, which includes small servings of a lot of things that are best cold. I buy lots of food so there's lots of selection - so why am I having problems picking out my lunch tonight? It could be because I pack it the night before and by tomorrow at noon, I'm craving something entirely different ... like the fries that the guy in production just brought in from one of the fast food places further down the road. And even though I would love those fries, I do try to avoid greasy foods as much as possible. There are times I wish I could go back to the simplicity of a peanut butter sandwich - wait, I can - that's what I'll have for lunch tomorrow!
Am I the only person working outside the home who is lunch-obsessed? What do you take?


  1. Hey there's nothing bad about working outside the home and became one who's lunch obsessed. What's more important is that you're enjoying your life. The way you live life will depend on how you take every circumstances and challenges. Oh by the way, its a perfect timing indeed. You might love the idea of having a stainless steel tiffin container for your packed lunch. It can help you to save up more than spending a lot because the product is reusable, and long lasting. You can choose from any design you love; that suites your personality. Thank you!

  2. When I was working I often obsessed over what to take. If I got it ready just before I wasn't hungry and nothing looked good. If I made it when I was hungry, everything looked good. I worked evenings so sometimes I'd get some soup from the Chinese place. I usually took a sandwich, fruit, a drink, a snack, some veggies. Soemtimes a salad, almost never one of those meal things - they're disgusting and smell awful. Leftovers. Lots of leftovers. Peanut butter sandwich was very sustaining.