Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hooked on points

I have a new addiction - points at Shoppers. For every purchase, they give you points and eventually you get enough to get some money off a future purchase. I've never gotten more than $10 off before because I usually cash them in as soon as I can. It's kinda nice getting $11 worth of stuff for a dollar. But this time, I've held out a little longer and now I'm up to 35,000 points - that's $55 off a future purchase. Today, with a $75 purchase, they were giving an additional 15,000 points so that's why my balance moved up so fast. Did I mention how easy it is to spend $75 at Christmas time in a store that sells drug store products, magazines, makeup and food? Yikes! Anyway, this, along with an order to Amazon pretty much wraps up my Christmas shopping - hurray! I even got my Turtles at a good price. Now I've got to figure out what to get with that $55 - it sure will come in handy during those lean weeks!
One of the things on sale was Tazo tea bags at $2.99 - it's usually $5.99 here. I got a green tea flavored with ginger and pear - it sounds quite intriguing.
After I finished posting, I'm going to do some house cleaning and hopefully start on my Christmas decorating. It's not that the actual decorating takes so long - it's all the prep work before hand, such as moving furniture and stuff to make way for the tree. Oh well, I'm drinking some regular eggnog coffee that I bought from the Second Cup so I hope this will energize me for the work ahead!

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