Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Month

August has begun and I've got great hopes for this month! Hopefully I'll be able to move out of my funk and get working again. The foot is still sore so I think my treadmill days are over - it's the exercise bike and whatever else my gym offers that doesn't bother my feet.
The new car is working out great - still getting used to it but I think, aside from those pesky power windows, it's a going to be a good vehicle. Filled it up for the first time today - gas prices are about $1.32 per litre here and because of a provincial gas shortage (the main refinery was damaged in a lightning storm and it's taking a while to fix it), I had to get Supreme gas which is 8 cents a litre more but I still managed to fill it for $40 - and there was only about an eighth of a tank left when I got it filled. You know with this type of situation, they'll be jacking the prices up so this will probably last for about two weeks since we have no plans to get out of town until the end of the month and hopefully the shortage will be over by then.
Stocked up on some new K-cups today - wanted to get the Green Mountain Coconut flavor but the shop ran out. However they did have Green Mountain's Wild Blueberry, which is surprisingly delicious, and Green Mountain's Glazed Chocolate Donut, and these more than make up for the loss of the coconut flavor. As for tea, it's been mostly iced King Cole Decaf Cranberry Raspberry Green, which is very tasty.
The weather's still cold but I am convinced that summer is still coming - it's just been delayed somewhat ...