Friday, January 1, 2010

First post of the New Year

It's the first post of the New Year but life continues as always. My cold returned with a vengence yesterday and today, despite an invitation to spend New Year's with an old friend who will be leaving the area tomorrow, I've decided to spend a quiet day at home and rest. The idea seems to be working - I am feeling a little better after a day of general lazing around. For supper, I decided to cook a real meal even though it's only me here so I must be feeling better. I made a quiche, with a premade crust, eggs (of course!), half a tomato, two large mushrooms and some leftover Havarti cheese - it's delicious! I know a certain someone will enjoy it when he gets home.
The teas today are quiet ones since a cold tends to freeze up the taste buds. I started the day with some plain Queen Elizabeth blend and later, when my stuffiness left, I got into my box of Ahmad tea. Yes, it was intended for someone else but since they didn't pop by to pick it up, tough! I tried the English Afternoon, which is flavored with a bit of Bergamot. I thought it would taste like Earl Grey but it tastes completely different - in fact, I could even see drinking this in the early morning. It's pretty mild and inoffensive - not a great tea but good for those times when you're not able to appreciate greatness - like when you have a cold.

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