Sunday, December 27, 2009

Boxing Day Sales Now On

I live in the only province in Canada where Boxing Day is a mandated holiday - and that means we have to wait until the 27th to hit the big sales. The frugal part of me wanted to miss it but guess which side of me was in the mall this afternoon? Yeah, the spendthrift side. I did get some great deals - a new bathrobe for $24 from $60, two Columbia fleece tops for $20 each and some odds and ends at Wal-Mart. I am happy with my purchases since I wanted them anyway.
I've been trying some Ashby teas lately - lemon and ginger peach. Nothing too inspiring although the red and green box they came in was quite pretty. There are nine kinds in the box and I am hoping the other seven will be better. A friend did send a sample of pear cream white tea to me. I love fresh pears, but like blueberries, pears do not lend themselves well to flavoring other products - it always tastes wrong. It's an OK tea, (as in I did finish the cup) but nothing I'd ever want to try again. I do love it when friends send me samples though - it's always fun to try something new because you never know what your next favorite is going to be!


  1. It's the same here in NB... everything closed on the 26th. You got some great deals!

  2. I just assumed Nova Scotia was the only place with this law still on the books. Oh well, the sales were just as good a day later!