Friday, December 18, 2009


Week one of the dreaded early shift is over. There are two more weeks to go but each are four day weeks so that will be a little easier. The older I get, the more the early mornings bother me. It's bothered me so much this time, I actually got physically ill at work this morning and I'm sure it's the result of tiredness and stress. I don't care if it is the wrong thing to do - there's no alarm clock going off in this house tomorrow - I'm sleeping in! I need the rest.
Tonight I'm having an old sample of decaffeinated peach apricot tea from the Metropolitan Tea Company. It still tastes good and has to be at least 18 months old. I've also just had a piece of some German dark chocolate covered marzipan. Sigh. It tasted wonderful - the right amount of everything and not overly sweet but a lovely genuine almondy sweetness. Even though I haven't had supper, I don't think I'm going to have anything else today. As you can probably guess, my tummy is pretty sensitive today so I'll lay back from the gluttony for a night or two. However, the small piece of marzipan was necessary.
I find it interesting how ginger and peppermint are always being touted as cure-all for stomach problems. For me, they cause stomach problem - I like both but peppermint often nauseates me. I have to be careful with ginger too - there's somedays when it's too much for a delicate tummy. Besides mints and ginger, does anyone have any suggestions for stomach soothers for those of us who can't always tolerate them?


  1. Marzipan is definitely a necessity. Hope you get lots of rest and feel better.

  2. Thanks! A lot of rest does go a long way - I feel completely different today. Now where's that marzipan ...