Saturday, December 12, 2009

How much?

I just can't stop writing today - blame it on the weather. I actually see this as a good thing. I started this blog with the express wish to force myself to write on a regular basis.
I do want to write a book someday. My computer is filled with half-hearted attempts and I do want to eventually complete something. It may never get published but that's doesn't seem to be the goal anymore - just to complete a fictional project would be fine by me.
But back in the real world, is it me or does food seem to be getting a whole lot more expensive again? Supposedly here in Canada, there's next to no inflation when it comes to food prices but I really doubt that. While I don't mind paying a bit extra for locally produced foods that keep farmers in business, it does seem like some basics are getting pretty pricey. Bananas have been running at just under a dollar a pound after years at being 70 cents a pound. It's hard at any time of year, but especially now, to get a lettuce for under $2.49 a head. I bought a kilogram of frozen corn today for $2.99 on sale - most of the other brands were well over $3. for smaller bags. Maybe I notice prices too much but that's the result of growing up in a family where every price was watched and nothing was bought unless it was on sale. I simply can't imagine going into a grocery store and just buying the stuff I need. Unless it's at a price that I think is reasonable, it will not be bought. It means doing without some things sometimes but it also means buying more when it's at a good price. This attitude is also part of the reason why we rarely eat out. When we were visiting the Big City a few weeks ago, we went to a Fast Food place for supper. After a chicken burger, deluxe burger, two fries and two pops, the bill came to almost $18. That was a shock - especially when I thought of the amount of food I could buy at the grocery store for that amount of money. I have no idea how people can afford to eat out every day. Even in magazines and on TV now, you'll see references to preparing a meal for $10 - and they make it out to be a big deal. Well I should hope that I can prepare a meal for under $10. I can make a pretty good meal for under $5, if need be. And I often do. In fact, supper tonight will be bacon, eggs and toast. Total cost for two people - just under $2.50.
Just remember - the more money you save on food, the more money you have for tea!

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  1. I live in the US and it seems to me that food prices are going up, so I do as usual, shop the sales and stock up when it's cheap.