Thursday, December 3, 2009

Turtles move fast

I'm starting to wind down on my Christmas shopping - just a few more odds and ends to pick up, including a few boxes of those necessary Turtles - well, necessary for some members of my family. Apparently Turtles is celebrating 60 years in the chocolate world and I'll never be accused of getting in the way of an anniversary celebration. This past week, a shop was suppose to have these favored sweeties for $5.99 a box. Of course, somehow none arrived from the distributor for the $5.99 sale, which is odd because they're always around when they're $9.99 a box. Funny that. They're advertised this week for $7.99 - wonder if they'll arrive or not. Doesn't really matter - I've never been able to get Turtles on sale around here - they always disappear off the shelves too fast. Even at work, I miss out - today there was a box in the lunchroom and by the time I found out about it, it was empty. They may be Turtles, but in this part of Nova Scotia, they move pretty fast!


  1. LOL They are pretty popular in NB too!

    Did you ask for a raincheck??

  2. No, I didn't but I finally hit the jackpot today - I bought two boxes and they charged me $6.99, even though they were advertised for $7.99 - I thought that was pretty decent since they didn't have them last week.