Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Party the day after

Last night was the job's Christmas party. A festive time was had by all, even us quiet ones. I'm not much of a partier - I've never been the life of any party; I'm the one who sits in the corner with one other person, next to the buffet table. On the down side, it makes me look like a cranky old fogey, even when I'm not; on the up side, I always feel fine the next day, when I know others don't!
More importantly, the buffet - it was pretty good - boneless chicken in a barbecue sauce, rice, mashed potatoes and other vegetables along with carrot cake for dessert. The tea of course was terrible - few restaurants are going to bring out the best darjeeling for an office party. OK, I'm making a joke - few restaurants even know what darjeeling is.
I'm off to the Farmer's Market in a few moments to pick up the stollen that I ordered a few weeks ago. I normally make my own but this year, I decided to cut back on some of the home baking, for my own sanity. I bought a fruitcake as well. While I'm sure the fruitcake will be better than my homemade (any fruitcake would be better than the bricks I produced), I did bake a pretty good stollen so I hope this one is as good. I confess I'm a sucker for any holiday-related foods - I've gained a fair bit of weight the past eight years and I'm blaming most of that weight gain on December's treats. Good thing tea has no calories. I'm drinking New England Harvest Blend this morning; it's perfect for a cold, snowy day.


  1. Drinking hot peppermint tea here in Oregon this morning and loving it!When in my youth and attending Christmas parties and such I too was the one in the corner with one other person.And I too felt great the next day!:-)Blessings~Sharon

  2. That's the type of party-er I am too... I like conversation and food, nothing too loud.

    The food sounds good!

    I'm cutting back on baking too... I do want to make one really nice dessert for Christmas and a nice one for New Year's. Still undecided, but I'm searching my magazines and cookbooks.

    Enjoy your stollen!