Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lawn Mowing!

I can't believe the grass this year - it's growing like there's no tomorrow. It's been just a week since I did the front yard and I had to do it again today - and I'm not fussy about how the lawn looks. I did half the back lawn before the mower gave out - and I did too. The grass back there was so tall and thick. I'll finish it another day. Normally I don't even start mowing any grass until mid-June ...
It does look nice out there though.
I'm on my own this evening so I'm debating a few meal options. Natchos with cheese and homemade salsa. Black forest ham and cheddar sandwich. Big Ole salad with romaine lettuce, mushrooms and tomato with Caesar salad dressing. Soup. Oriental appetizers with rice or ramen.
I'm also considering a nice pot of tea - preferably something with a light taste like peaches or strawberries. Sandwiches and tea do go well together and maybe some fruit - fresh strawberries - for dessert.
Sounds good to me!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I did try ....

My plan was to buy a children's book and a gift certificate for my niece and husband, who are expecting their first child. That was the plan .... Let them decide what they really need.
Yeah, right.
Just like men and hardware or electronic stores, what is it with women and baby stuff? I've never had kids - never interested - yet today, wandering around the baby departments of several stores, I just spent way too much money. So much cuteness!I bought sweet little books, CDs of lullabies, sleepers, a rattle/giraffe, blanket (all in the prettiest shades of yellow, which is one of my two favorite colors) and a larger gift of a fuzzy sheepskin-like liner bag for the inside of a stroller or carseat so baby doesn't need to wear a jacket when getting around in winter. The little one should be arriving in the fall. I had no idea of just how expensive these things were either - yikes.
After all that cuteness, I've been home drinking Bigelow Orange Spice Herbal Tea with Christie's Maple Cookies. Toasted tomato sandwiches are looking like a distinct possibility for supper.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I have been busy. The new coach arrived on Saturday and then the whole weekend was spent cleaning everything up - funny how changing one large piece of furniture can completely disrupt your house. But it's worth it - it looks great - nice coach, clean and (relatively) clutter-free living room.
Last night I made my homemade salsa, which takes a few hours and tonight, I tackled the front lawn. One solid hour of mowing - I'm exhausted. Yeah, I'm out of shape.
And let's not forget work, which has been quite busy as well. So I am off to bed in just a few minutes.
I'm still trying k-cups. I had Gloria Jean's Earl Grey tea this morning - oh yum. Just the way I like it. I'd highly recommend this one. So far, my favorites are as follows:
Timothy's Blueberry Lemon Herbal Tea
Timothy's Chinese Green Tea
Gloria Jean's Earl Grey Tea
Bigelow's English Breakfast
Bigelow's Orange Spice Herbal
Van Houtte's Eclipse Blend Coffee
Tully's Kona
Van Houtte's Decaf hazelnut
Van Houtte's decaf vanilla
I still have a few more to try!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Getting better all the time ...

It's a line from a Beatles' song and it pretty much sums up life here. Mum left the hospital today - not completely cured but so much better than she was. Antibiotics do work. In a period of 24 hours, I was amazed by the change. So the mood is much better around here.
After work today, I went into a favorite furniture store, mostly on a whim. I wanted to look at a bench but instead found a dark brown soft leather recliner sofa that's so comfortable that you literally sink into it. It had been $1299 and it was reduced to $199. Seriously. Aside from a bit of stiffness from one of the recliner sides, it's pretty much perfect. Yes, I did buy it. And yes, I did check it over. It will be delivered on the weekend, which means a major cleanup in the living room over the next 36 hours. This sofa will be replacing a 26-year old sofa with ripped seat cushions that features rust-colored flowers on a beige background - need I say more? And I'm actually paying less for this sofa than I did for the old sofa when I bought it 26 years ago. It's not everyday you can get a nice sofa for under $200. Heck, I've paid more than that for pots and pans!
I've been trying some new K-cups. I'm not hugely impressed with the Bigelow teas except for the Orange Spice, which is OK. The lemon herbal tastes almost minty and the French Vanilla Black is pretty bland - not enough vanilla. The coffees seem to work better in the Keurig. Van Houtte's Eclipse Blend is fabulous - dark and rich and perfect for an early morning wake-up call. A lady at work has given me some Korean herbal teas to try - I'm a little nervous about trying them since I do have some allergies and sensitivities but I'll get over it.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Getting Distracted

Sometimes, getting distracted is the best cure for a situation that can't be helped. My mom is still pretty sick but there's not much to be done right now - she is frail and has pneumonia and she is being treated very well in hospital. What happens next is up to a higher authority - I'm praying he or she is in a good mood.
So, when life is rough, I turn to food. Hey, I turn to food when life is good. It's no secret I like to eat. Here's my list of the bestest comfort foods for those rotten days when yumminess is next to godliness.
1. Ruffles Barbecue Chips or Lays Salt and Pepper Chips. The biggest bag you can find. Don't share!
2. Liberty Lemon Yogurt - the full-fat stuff. Low fat doesn't cheer you up. One big tub and one small spoon.
3. Homemade hash brown potatoes. Fill plate up once. Then fill 'er again!
4. Homemade macaroni and cheese - made with old cheddar.
5. Rice Krispy squares. They're not just for breakfast anymore ...
6. Toasted French bread with real butter.
7. Grilled Cheese - made the old-fashioned way with non-nutritional white sliced bread and cheese slices!
8. Peanut butter or oatmeal chocolate chip cookies - or just make both and freeze what's left... if there's any left.
9. Your favorite chocolate - mine's Scharffenberger Milk Chocolate but to each her own. Preferably consumed with your favorite hot drink. Or six.
10. Roasted vegetables and/or fresh berries. For those times when you're down but still thinking you might want to get back into your normal clothes again - you can only wear your bathrobe for so long.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Just tired ....

It's been a rough week. My mum is in hospital, taken there by ambulance earlier this week and I have been spending a lot of time at the hospital. So I'm more weary than anything. When I have more energy, I'll put forth a decent post.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Chilly May Daze

While the rest of province is enjoying warm, sunny days, we're shivering in 7 C rain - oh how spoiled we have become! Actually, that's pretty normal for early May here. And I really don't mind it - I moved my summer clothes in my main closet over the weekend but I really don't feel it's time to break out the t-shirts yet - although a 20 C day could change my mind. I also planted some vegetable seeds in containers yesterday - lettuce, swiss chard, radish, peas and beans - cold weather appreciators, one and all.
I got my tax refund today - that was quick! I'm kinda impressed. It will be going to the bank - I've already spent the amount I had planned to keep for myself and my new coffee machine and pots should keep me out of the shops for a while.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

New (expensive) habit

This week, I got a really good deal on a Keurig coffee/tea maker. No problems there - I love it! It's quick and is great for the mornings when I want a nice cup of something in a hurry. However, it does mean I have to get those K-cups and being me, I need a selection - that adds up. And living in a small area, there are surprisingly few places to buy them so I've been getting them where I can. Of course, the places that do sell them cater mainly to the coffee crowd and there's few selections for tea and decaf - it looks like I will have to order on line for any real variety. But for now, I am well stocked for English Breakfast and green tea. I also managed to score a box of Timothy's Columbian decaf and a Van Houte decaf. I also got a Van Houte selection box and a Tully's Kona - I love Kona so I splurged. All are really good. The English Breakfast is a tasty surprise - it's strong and loaded with good black tea flavor. But the nicest surprise of all was the one box of herbal that I managed to find - Timothy's Blueberry Lemon. Oh. My. Goodness. It's absolutely delicious. It tastes like the blueberries were just picked, with a hint of lemon. I actually hesitated on this one but I am so glad I did buy it. I would highly recommend this one, especially if you're a blueberry and/or lemon fan.
All week, I've been using the Keurig but today I did take time to make a pot of orange spice. It's great. When I'm in a rush, I'll use the machine but you still can't beat the flavor of a well-made pot of loose tea.