Saturday, December 19, 2009

When you have lemons,

You make lemonade, which I just did. I used two large and very pretty lemons - but they were so sour, I had to add a third more sugar, which I really don't like doing - but no one would drink it unless I sweetened it a bit more. A few weeks ago, I bought a box of clementines and normally we eat these in no time. This box has been hanging around because they're so sour. And of course, you don't buy new ones because you have to eat the ones you have. Normally, I like sour foods (grapefruit is one of my favorites) so you can imagine just how sour these babies are, when I can't even eat them. I wish there was a way you could tell if citrus is abnormally sour before you bought it.
True to my word, I slept in until nine this morning - six extra hours of sleep! And I'm contemplating a nap as I write this. I'll be glad when this shift ends since I have a hard time with it.
I may make some shortbread cookies later - it seems like that sort of day. And it will go well with the lemon tea I am currently drinking. Actually, I couldn't detect any lemon off this batch so I added a half-teaspoon of of my puckery lemon juice. It's lemony now!


  1. I've always enjoyed lemonade, but rarely make it from scratch... it's so much better than the mixes, so worth the effort though!

    Glad you got to sleep in :-)

  2. Make clementine ade. I do that with oranges that aren't so hot.

  3. It does take a lot of effort to make the real stuff - I really have to be in the mood. But it is worth the effort. Clementine ade sounds intriguing - I may give it a try!