Thursday, January 7, 2010

Steamed eggs and all that

This is the first day in over a month without rain - although I did check the weather network a few minutes ago and they did say there was flurries.
The cold/flu seems to gradually leaving and my energy is returning; although I haven't been overly productive today, at least I made the effort. I interviewed a friend today who told me he liked to eat honey when he had throat/vocal problems because of the soothing properties. I usually combine honey with lemons but I don't have a problem eating honey on its own - as long as it's not that nauseating manuka honey - ick. So tonight, on the way home, I picked up a container of creamed honey. I'll swear it doubled in price since the last time I bought it. I came home, ate some on a spoon and the rest on toast and yes, my throat really does feel better - back to normal, even. My friend did recommend putting honey in tea but I find sweet tea nauseating so I think I'll skip that. I was hoping to try a few more of the Ashby teas today but I forgot to take them to work with me - hopefully I'll have some opinions tomorrow.

What made me happy today: 1. getting my GST rebate cheque in the mail - who doesn't like getting a cheque? 2. Getting a health tip from a friend that worked - eating creamed honey did sooth my throat.
Weather: Temperature: 0 C, cloudy, no snow - again...
Teas drunk: Stash Orange Spice bagged, Stash's White Christmas
Money Spent: $17.14 - $4.52 at Dollarama for a shower liner, 2 packages of freezer containers, bag of cherry cough drops; $1.62 for Tim's large decaf coffee with cream; $11 at Wal-mart for two boxes of Nature Valley Sweet and Salty granola bars (my weakness), a jar of French's honey Dijon mustard and a container of creamed honey
Work done: worked 10 am to 6 pm at regular job, made supper of steamed eggs and toast and honey ... otherwise lazed.


  1. Glad you're getting better. What are steamed eggs?

  2. I'm sure you've heard of steamed vegetables - you use the same steamer to steam eggs! You place enough water in the pot to come up to the bottom of your steamer. Instead of boiling the eggs, you put the eggs in the steamer, wait for the water to boil and then turn down the heat to just about nothing and let it simmmer in the pot with all the resulting steam for about 20 minutes. The result is the best hard boiled eggs you've ever tasted - moist, flavorful and no nasty smell. I didn't think it would work but I found a video on YouTube and it explained how it was done.