Tuesday, January 5, 2010

This n That

I am feeling almost human today. I made a great batch of bran muffins and the worst batch of waffles ever - in fact, so bad they went into the garbage. The odd thing is, this is a recipe that I have used many times with great success. For some reason, it wouldn't work today - as in, it wouldn't cook up at all. I even tried to make pancakes with the naughty batter but the same gelatinous mess emerged both times. I guess it wasn't meant to be.
It's back to work tomorrow. Whoopee. Sorry, that's my inner sloth speaking - there are times when the idea of working is just not appealing to me. Like over the entire winter. I'd be quite content to stay home in January, February and March when the weather is exceptionally cruddy and then working extra hours the remaining nine months. Unfortunately, my employer at this time is a 24-7-12 entity so I don't think they would be too impressed with my idea of new and improved work hours.
I haven't spent any money in four of the last five days. Of course, being off sick for three of them and one holiday probably has a lot to do with that.
Today, I'm going to start putting down some basic facts, more as a service to me, when I want to know just how lousy the weather was a few months ago.

Weather: Temperature: 2 C, cloudy, no snow
Teas drunk: Orange Spice loose, Earl Grey decaf
Money Spent: $0
Work done: One article written


  1. Glad you're feeling better!

    I love the facts you have written out at the bottom at your post :-) I'm also starting a new blog feature, one or a few things that made me happy during the day...

  2. I'm glad you are human. It is day 10 of snow, but only abou6 inches - very pathetic. No sun. Only good for huge pots of tea and scones or something

  3. The happy post is a really good idea - I know of one blog that posts the things they're thankful for everyday - another really good idea. Sometimes, we need to be reminded of just how good we have it here in North America! And Marlena, I think we shipped all our snow south this year - I can't believe it's January 6th and there's nothing on the ground here.