Saturday, January 23, 2010

Slowly coming back

I haven't posted in quite a while! Still sniffly but my senses of taste and smell are returning so food and drink are starting to appeal again. We had a bit of snow here this week but again, while the rest of the province saw amounts of up to 30 cm, we had between 2 and 4. It's January 24th and I can still see the ground and grass in most places. Interesting but odd for here.
I'm breakfasting with a golden oolong this morning. It may have been a little premature to re-introduce this tea to my palate since it is mild and delicate but I just wanted a good cup of oolong. I'll probably go with something more flavorful next - maybe some blood orange black. Speaking of which, the blood oranges are back in the stores. Every year, I have to buy a few because they're pretty tasty - and just plain pretty.

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