Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lazy Saturday

T'was a lazy day. It's 9:30 at night and I'm still in my bathrobe - that's how lazy it's been. I will take a shower shortly - does that count?
Spent most of the day surfing the J-List and drinking tea. J-List is a fun site if you're into Japanese bento products and such. Saw a mini microwave vegetable steamer and a microwave rice cooker on there that I am tempted to order.
I started the day with an old favorite - Tukdah First Flush Darjeeling. This is a great tea if you're looking for a mild, almost vegetal Darjeeling. Then I tried the East Friesan Blend. I can describe this in one word: Bleck. This is a dark, assam-heavy tea with an almost molasses undertone. Of course, I really don't like Assams or tea of that quality so it didn't work for me. On to the next!

What made me happy today: 1. landing the wedding gig for next September 2. Spending a lazy day at home
Weather: Temperature: -1 C, cloudy, about a centimetre of snow overnight
Teas drunk: East Friesan Blend Black loose; Tukdah First Flush Darjeeling loose 3. Orange Spice loose
Money Spent: $0 - 5 no-spend days this week!
Work done: No paid work - just lazed. Made supper of Fettucine Alfredo and steamed brocolli

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  1. Sounds like a great day!!

    Congrats on the no-spend days :-)