Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Good times!

It was really an uneventful day but a day I wouldn't mind repeating. Everything went well at work and I feel good about my performance. There were no mishaps, accidents or problems at home either. And everyone I know seems to be getting along - I'm raising a teacup to quiet, happy, productive days! Even my plain old Earl Grey bagged tea tasted extra good today. And there's even an employee's lunch tomorrow - free meals always make me happy.
Of course, my mood will immediately change if a blizzard is forecast for this area but even the weather looks good for the next week or so. Can it get any better? I'll take it!

What made me happy today: 1. productive day at work 2.it looks like another wedding gig is in our futures 3.Learning a friend is moving back home.
Weather: Temperature: -4 C, cloudy, just a dusting of snow.
Teas drunk: Tim Horton's Earl Grey; Tea of Life's Earl Grey
Money Spent: $5 for Tim's for me and co-workers
Work done: 10-6 at the office; paperwork, made nachos for supper.

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