Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chips for a Dip

Yet another beautiful day here - wore my shoes to work today and a light jacket. Might be a storm tomorrow so our great weather might be ending - unfortunately. I rather like these mild winters!
I think I may have lost a little weight over the past few weeks - my clothes seem looser. However, I celebrated this by breaking into the last leftover Christmas bag of barbecue chips - probably not the best move but boy, were they good! Besides, if I eat them, I'm removing future temptations ... and being the frugal sort, I can't exactly throw them out, now can I?
It's amazing what we can sometimes justify.
Slowly, my taste buds are coming back, although my throat is still sore. I think a pot of decaf strawberry black tea might be just the ticket to get through this evening. Hopefully my biggest challenge will be deciding between Bones and CSI ....

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