Thursday, January 28, 2010

Big Mac lover!

I've added yet another want to my list - the iPad. I am a Mac person from way back so I know this will be a great product. Do I need it?
But I have been coveting a Kindle-like device for books and the iPad does so much more. Maybe if I win the lottery ...
What I will be needing is a new computer and I will buy another Mac. They are more expensive and they're worth every penny. They're reliable, easy to use, have great graphics and they're pretty much bug-free. They don't crash! The one I have now is a base model EMac - six years old and still working really well at this time. In fact, my six year old EMac works much better than the one-year-old top of the line PC that I use at work and which will probably be obsolete in another few months. But while it's working OK now, I know six years is a senior citizen in the computer world - so a new one will have to be eventually bought. I'll hold off as long as possible but I am thinking about a laptop. My first home computer was a Mac laptop and I think I paid close to $3000 for it at the time - I won't have to pay anywheres near that this time. But still, a regular computer has its charms too - maybe I should get an iMac ($1100) and an iPad ($530), which would work as a laptop and a reader - it would still be considerably less than my first laptop ...
I better get saving!


  1. An iPad is around $530? That's not so bad when you consider what people pay for iPods... and this is so much more powerful!

  2. The iPads will sell for $499 US so that works out to $530 Canadian. I will need a new computer eventually and I'd love a laptop too so the iPad would be great for me - it's essentially a smaller laptop but better than a netbook. It has the nicest screen for reading books too - I think it would be great for travelling. Imagine being able to read books and watch movies while waiting for your flight? I really have to start saving though!