Monday, January 4, 2010

Still sick

I'm still feeling sick but my energy is slowly returning. I actually managed to do some cleaning around the house today and get the tree put away. I'm calling in sick tomorrow too because I think another day inside will do the trick and hopefully put this cold/flu out to pasture. The worst thing about 9-5 jobs is that you can never take enough time off to get over a cold or flu properly. The bosses are always yammering about not coming in when you're sick yet they make you feel guilty as heck when you actually need those days. I hate going back to work without properly recovering. I'm sure there are some workplaces where this doesn't happen but in all the places I have worked, getting enough sick days when you need them has always been a problem. Of course, it doesn't help that there are people taking sick days or "mental health days" when they're really not sick physically (they're just sick of work) - but I'm not one of those people.
Today's tea has been loose Orange Spice - a nice, comforting blend. The weather is clear and sunny here today. No snow and the plants are actually growing. I never thought I would be harvesting Swiss chard in January - there are times when I wonder if I've changed coasts!

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