Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Trick or treaters are gone ...

and I'm left with 50 peanut butter cups and 44 bags of chips. Actually, slightly less than that since I have been snacking. No kiddies at my door - so sad. Now it's up to me to eat all that chocolate and chips - it's a tough job but I think I'm up to it - heehee. The only thing left to October is another cup of tea, put the clocks back, change the calendar and settle in for the night with the Ghost Hunters Marathon on OLN. I even have the perfect snack foods.
Life is good!
Happy Halloween!


  1. Love peanut butter cups!!

    You didn't get any trick or treaters? We got 7, 5 in one van then 2 little cousins who came together.... usually we get about 10-15.

  2. I think the H1N1 may have curtailed it a bit here - everyone is worried about it and it didn't seem as though many people were out, even though it was a beautiful night - clear and 16 C!