Wednesday, October 28, 2009

In a pickle

I've just finished packaging up a batch of freezer pickles - four pints from a dollar's worth of cucumbers, vinegar and spices. I've vowed not to waste any produce this year - however .... I didn't get the last batch of cucumbers made up in time before they went bad so I made doubly sure with this bunch. I plan to make a deep-dish apple pie once I drag myself away from the computer - can't let those apples go bad!
I gave into the shopping urge and bought a whole pile of stuff off the Stash tea website the other night, including my favorite orange spice tea bags. I even asked the owner of a local health food store who said she could get any type of Stash tea in and she told me Orange spice simply isn't available in Canada. I find this a little bizarre - I can go to any grocery store and get chocolate mint, decaf vanilla hazelnut and peach oolong Stash teas but I can't get a basic like Orange Spice? Anyway, I ordered some Christmas presents too (really!). The shipping prices wasn't too bad - it was about 15 per cent of my order, which is one of the best shipping rates around in the tea biz.
The Twinnings Orange was working for me at first but now I'm not as crazy for it - plus it's disappeared off the shelves of the grocery store where I bought it. Storekeepers around here have an interesting attitude - if something sells out, they don't re-order. They justify this move by saying no one has bought any recently and even though you say, well, they haven't bought any recently because there's none there to buy, they just ignore you.
I kid you not.


  1. Sadly, I believe you. We just tried to change our cable tv etc. provider and were given the same story. Don't they want our business?

  2. I really don't think they do. As a person who once owned her own tea blending business, I'd bend over backwards to get customers what they wanted - but then, I didn't make any money pleasing people either. I can't tell you how many times I put in special orders for people and they would never come in for them - so maybe that's why successful stores don't like to cater to individual customers. Still, I think pleasing customers should always be first and foremost for any business.