Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Swine Flu and all that

So the government here is going to start innoculating people for the swine flu next week. So the debate is, should I get vaccinated or not. I tend to take bad reactions to drugs and in fact, had a horribly bad case of the flu a few years ago when I did get the seasonal flu shot. Yet, when I was a child, I had a lot of respiratory infections and as a result, am much more susceptible to chest colds, bronchitis and pneumonia as an adult and apparently alot of those who get really bad cases of the flu are healthy people (which I am) who have underlying respiratory weakness (which I also have). The vaccine has been rushed through trials so is it really safe? Lots of issues to ponder but I'll have to make a decision soon.
It's been so cold here that it appear the warm fall is simply not going to happen this year. For some reason, I've been in more of a decaf coffee mood lately but I think it's just a lower calorie version of hot chocolate, which I have been craving and trying to avoid. I've been eating like a horse and I'm trying to avoid drinking like one too, although I've never met a horse that drank hot chocolate. Or coffee. I daresay these drinks aren't even safe for animals. I plan to start my tea experimentation again soon -like tomorrow. I have been drinking Upton Tea's Baker Street blend and I think some nice Yunnans may be right for these cold autumn days.


  1. I'm still very undecided too... we'll have to make our decision soon though!

  2. I love the title of your blog. Tea and chocolate, my two favorite comfort foods. I ran across your blog when I was researching tea and chocolate for an article on National Chocolate Day (I'm in the U.S.).
    I'm the Tea Examiner on, so I wanted to write about tea and chocolate. I love eating dark chocolate while drinking black tea.
    I am going to subscribe to your blog.

  3. Thanks for subscribing! I think you're the first one. I love eating just about any style of chocolate with black tea but there is something extra special about Sharffenberger 41 per cent milk chocolate or Starbucks dark chocolate covered graham cookies with a good strong cup of whatever I'm in the mood for that day - right now, a nice English breakfast seems like a good idea.