Sunday, October 25, 2009

London Fog Latte and miserable Sundays

It's a wet, miserable Sunday here - an overnight storm has taken most of the leaves off the trees. A typical fall occurence except that it doesn't usually happen until mid-November - and that has me wondering just what kind of winter are we going to have this year. It doesn't bode well.
I've just finished a pot of St. Isaac's Blend from Upton Tea. It's a lemony Earl Grey type of tea and for some reason, it just seemed right on a stormy day.
On Friday, I decided to try my own version of a London Fog Latte. Since I didn't make it until I got home from work, I used decaf tea. I also used my own homemade vanilla, which involved putting vanilla beans in a bottle of vodka and letting it steep for about a month, so my version had a bit of a kick. I think I'm going to invest in a bottle of Vanilla Syrup though - that will get rid of adding the sugar and will allow me to drink this at any time of the day - even before driving!
I made eight ounces of very strong decaf Earl Grey, from two teaspoons of loose leaves in a filter. I heated up four ounces of milk in the microwave (I'm impatient and didn't feel like getting a saucepan dirty). I also took two tablespoons of the homemade vanilla and two teaspoons of sugar and placed them first in the bottom of a large cup. I put the strong tea in, stirred and then added the warmed milk. I had two of these - quite good! For some reason, I didn't think the vanilla as being alcoholic but I soon realized that it was - I rarely drink alcohol so I'm pretty sensitive to its effects - so don't use storebought or homemade vanilla if you have to drive after or while drinking this!

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