Saturday, October 31, 2009

A day of many teas

I've been in the tea-tasting mood today and it started when I went out to lunch with a friend. I tried a lemon black tea by Higgins and Burke and wasn't overly impressed. I am longing for a tasty, lemony tea that doesn't have that brackish flavor that so many do. I have been told Twinnings has a good lemon green tea so I may pick up a box when grocery shopping this week. This afternoon, I tried another tea from yesterday's Stash order with much more success - White Christmas. It's suppose to have white tea, mint and ginger but I could hardly taste the ginger. However, it was still quite lovely - can't imagine it in the morning but it would be perfect in the late afternoon or early evening. The mint is there but not overpowering so it has a calming flavor.
Now I'm having a cup of Upton's Jasmine season's pick. I normally can't stand jasmines but this one is suppose to be a pouchong, which I do like. It too is very nice - again, more of a late afternoon tea. Might be a little much for the morning. Most days, if I can fit it in, I like having afternoon tea. It's usually just a few cookies with a cuppa while I work although it can get fancier on weekends and holidays. Today it's Oreos and Jasmine tea - an odd combination on Halloween but still quite tasty. A bit of a respite before the trick or treaters arrive.

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