Friday, October 30, 2009

Tea Stash gets bigger!

The Ozzie Halloween costume went over well, but then again, I do work in a radio station. Some of the other costumes were pretty incredible and some were quite controversial since they reminded people of certain stories happening in the news lately. All in all, it was a lot more fun than I expected.
When I got home, there was a large box waiting for me - my order from Stash had arrived. Most of the teas I ordered were either gifts or I've had them before, with the exception of one - lemon and white decaffeinated. It's a white decaf tea flavored with lemon. When I ordered it, I figured it would be a hit - I like white tea, I like lemon and I need some more decaf teas for the evening - what's not to like?
Unfortunately, it's not what I expected. It's surprisingly flavorless, which is really odd for a Stash tea. I'm hoping I just got a bad tea bag and the rest are OK. Sigh - I really wanted to like this tea!
One of the nicest thing about ordering from Stash is that they usually throw in a few freebies. This time I got a green tea assortment and a box of teapot-shaped shortbread cookies. They also sent me their catalogue - now that could be dangerous reading on those chilly November nights!


  1. How sad that the tea didn't taste as good as you hoped it would. I recently had an experience like that with the Dragon's Well tea I bought at Fresh'n Easy. It was loose leaf Dragon's Well in a grocery store. I had to give it a try.
    But it was flavorless, utterly flavorless.
    May I make a suggestion about your white tea? I have read that there is a lot of variety in how to brew white teas. With some white teas if you lower the water temperature even more and let it brew for about ten minutes, it brings out more flavor. I did this with a white tea from Celestial Seasonings and it worked.
    White tea has such an exquisite, delicate taste on it's own, it's hard to imagine it flavored with lemon, but I'm sure it could work.

  2. Temperature is very important when brewing green and white and often, oolong teas. It's generally acknowledged that 150 - 170 is best for whites, 170-190 for greens and 180-190 for the lighter oolongs and even some darjeelings. White tea and lemon may seem a little odd but I like lemon flavor in just about anything. I would prefer a lemon flavored black but most of the ones I've tried just don't do it for me. I'm going to try some lemon greens next to see if that results in anything tasty. I agree though - it is sad when the tea is flavorless because I now have a large box that I don't even want to try a second bag!