Friday, October 9, 2009

Nuts about Nougat

When I was a child, my parents would buy me small packets of nougat as a treat and I have loved it ever since. But finding decent quality nougat has been problematic ever since. In the summer, I managed to get a large bag at Costco at the other end of the province but that was the first in years.
This week I've been in Nougat heaven.
A local bargain retailer has brought in boxes and bags of Golden Bonbon nougat and I've been stocking up ever since. It's as fresh as can be, important in this sweet. They're selling bars two for a dollar and bags of the bite sized for $2.99 - I don't think I could get it at wholesale for that price. So far, I've bought 28 bars and three bags - I'm stocking up for the long term since this shop often brings in things one time only. The bags aren't as good a deal but they do feature the orange and maple flavors which are incredible, even though I am a die-hard plain almond nougat fan.
I've also made the mistake of sharing this with several other people - now they're stocking up on it too. But this could be a good thing - maybe if they sell out quickly, they'll get more in.
Are there any rare food items that inspire you to stock up when you see them?

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