Sunday, November 1, 2009


I've always liked November - why, I have no earthly idea. It's damp, gloomy, cold and unpredictable - much like me! But seriously, there is something about this month I really like and a lot has to do with the weather. It's just before the truly cold weather sets in and you start getting your warm clothes out of storage so it's back to cozy sweaters and jackets. We might get one bit of snow here but for the most part, it's just rain, which I don't mind. The leaves are everywhere and there's just so much atmosphere - I can see and feel why this month is so associated with ghosts and the spirit world.
Today was so Novemberish, it made me smile. I awoke to a light rain, warm temperatures and leaves swirling everywhere. Later, the sun broke out and it was fine for a walk - or, in my case - the annual pilgrimage for half-price Halloween candy.
Alas, there were no bags of mini-Toblerones. But there were bags of Coffee Crisps, Crispy Crunches and Caramilks for around a dollar so everyone got a bag of their favorites. Desert tonight was Coffee crisps, with the most divine pizza - a spinach and tomato florentine sauce, old cheddar cheese, green peppers, fresh mushrooms and fresh garlic - yeah, I'm stuffed. Somehow, in November, a meal like this seems downright cozy.
The tea today was New England Harvest Blend - it's back to old favorites today after all my tasting yesterday. And soon, a pot of decaf Earl Grey to wind away the weekend.

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