Thursday, September 3, 2009


It's Thursday night and I'm exhausted. I don't really know why - I'm just thinking it's an end of the work week thing.
I spent no money on Wednesday but boy, did I make up for it today. Fortunately, most of it was necessary stuff but it still adds up. I did get some Clif bars, tins of fruit, granola bars and boxes of raisins for lunches - all on sale. When it's back to school time, the stores seem to have all sorts of neat things for lunch on sale and I figure it's a good time to stock up. The ethnic meals continued with pizza on Wednesday and for lunch today. Tonight, we went to a business-type reception and feasted on deep fried hors d'oeurvres - not sure of their ethnicity but they were pretty tasty.
As far as teas go, I'm really liking the Baker Street blend by Upton, the more I drink it. I may have to break down and buy another bag before the truly cold weather arrives. It's definitely a fall brew.

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