Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Waiting is the hardest part

I am still waiting for my car to be fixed - hopefully, everything will be done tonight. It's amazing how dependent we can get when it comes to vehicles. I didn't buy a car until I was 30 - I just walked everywhere and thought nothing of it.
Life has changed.
For one thing, where I work now is located out of town and therefore, not on a bus route. Not having my own transportation over the past five days has meant bumming rides from fellow workers (who have been very kind), not going anywhere on the weekend, realizing that I need to keep more spare cash around since taxis to work aren't cheap and some walking - we did have some rain over the last few days so I didn't walk nearly as much as I should. Keeping a small emergency cash stash will be easy enough but I seriously have to start doing more walking - even my shoes aren't really up for it any more - they're comfortable but not meant for long distances.
As for hot, comforting drinks, I'm celebrating National Coffee today with several cups of Starbucks decaf!

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