Monday, September 7, 2009

Laboring on Labor Day

Yes, I worked today. I grumble about working on holidays but in truth, it's really not that bad. For one thing, it's usually nice and quiet and it's usually easy enough to get everything done. As well, it now means I have another day banked for when I need it - which is always nice.
But Labor Day is sad in a way - it means summer in this part of the world is pretty much ending and any hot day from now on is pretty much a gift. Unlike other parts of Canada, we had plenty of nice days this year - probably more than what we're used to. And we also tend to get really nice falls so hopefully the dreaded snow and ice will hold off until mid-December like they usually do. As usual, I think of all the things I should have done this summer but hey, you can only so much.
I bought a beautiful new glass pitcher this summer to make iced tea but I really didn't use it that much. I'd probably make a batch this evening of decaf orange black iced tea, before I put the pitcher away for the season. I wanted to like that decaf orange tea as a hot tea but it didn't do that much for me so I'll try it cold.
Tonight, I may make a batch of plum-orange conserve, which is delicious on buttered toast. The question is, so I have the energy?

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  1. That plum-orange conserve sounds very good! Yummy on toast, like you said :-)