Saturday, September 26, 2009

A quiet weekend - maybe

Yesterday, my car decided to drop one of the bracings that hold the gas tank to the underbelly of the car. Considering there are only two bracings holding the tank in place, I decided that perhaps it was not a good idea to do any driving this weekend. Since the part can't be ordered until Monday, it will hopefully be repaired that same day. So I am pretty much tied to home this weekend. However, a tea friend did pick me up for a lunch date and when she heard I wanted to try the Twinnings Orange, she said she just happened to buy a box herself this week and gave me a few bags to try - swell! When I got home, I immediately made a small pot and tried it in the new fallish designed teacup and saucer that I bought at the restaurant.
Well, I can honestly say that I will be buying a box - it's pretty close to the Stash orange spice and there's no shipping involved - just pick it up on the way home from work. It will make a fine work brew - it's a nice black tea with a good orange flavor - not spicey but the orange is very natural tasting. Quite enjoyable. And so is my new tea cup and saucer. China from England with a beautiful design of whole and cut peaches and butterflies and it only cost $5.99 - and no, it's not used. Gotta love a bargain and a new favorite tea that won't break the bank.
Hopefully my car's listening ....

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