Friday, September 18, 2009


I've just finished a great supper that featured homemade garlic mashed potatoes - oh my! And the weekend stretches out before me. Ahhhh. Of course there will be the usual things to do - house cleaning, laundry, catching up on freelance projects - but there will also be time for sleep and some junk TV. I have a weakness for programs on ghosts and hauntings - I know better but it's a guilty pleasure, just like potato chips and pop. And yes, I know I should be eating more salads and water and reading great literature but hey, I can't be perfect ALL the time!
Here's a few of my guilty pleasures - what are yours?
TV - Ghost Hunters, Most Haunted, CSI, Antiques Roadshow, Gourmet's Diary of a Foodie, Survivorman
Books - murder mysteries such as the tea shop mysteries by Laura Childs, anything by Sue Grafton or Dougas Preston and Lincoln Child; ghost stories but nothing horror-driven
Foods - Salt and Pepper Chips, Jalapeno chips, triple chocolate cookies or peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies, nougat, garlic mashed potatoes, fried chicken, french fries
music - Beatles, Eagles, Byrds, Monkees, most instrumental and anything with a flute
Drinks - orange spiced tea, decaf starbucks, cola


  1. Joy of Cooking brownies, any potato, burger king, gelato, french dip sandwiches. Terminator 2, mysteries, mysteries, mysteries, Harry Potter - I want a wand to do my housework!!!!!!!!!!tv - cop shows, bridezilla, so I can feel sooo superior -lololol. Gosh, aren't we baaad?

  2. It's funny for someone normally quite squeamish to enjoy watching NCIS, and reading James Patterson, but I do. I also love the Tea Shop series and Dianne Mott Davidson murder mysteries. Foods - chocolate, french fries and scones - all heavily calorie laden. Music - golden oldies, blues, classical. Drinks - tea, tea and more tea (mostly black with some green and oolong in the mix) and no guilt involved.

    Thanks for the fun post!

  3. It must be something to do with the tea - I am also very squeamish yet I also enjoy NCIS and CSI and those murder mysteries - although the ones with food are certainly more fun