Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Things I Did(n't) Know About Myself

The best part about being alive is that there's always something new to learn. Usually, it's something to learn about the world around us or something mundane that's limited (like a great sale at a nearby shop). And then there's the days when you learn something new about yourself.
Now those days can be uncomfortable, especially when it's something that you may initially protest. I am 48 years old. I did not grow up with computers in school, but once I got to university, I worked with them and have been doing so ever since. I would never say I'm computer literate but I do know how to use Macs (home) and PCs (work) with a fair amount of ease, thanks to years of seeing far too many changes on both systems. I think I know my way around enough to at least get by.
So why can't I answer comments on my blog? I can comment on most other blogs, yet I can't seem to reply to comments on my own. Eventually I will figure it out, once I get a few minutes. I have a feeling it's due to the fact I haven't upgraded in a while or it may be a Mac/PC thing - you'd be surprised how often a website on a Mac can look completely different on a PC. I also haven't figured out how to put on pictures or show what other blogs I'm reading. Through my job, I regularly update two company websites yet I can't figure out my own simple blog.
Anyway, I will answer comments here until I figure this out.
Yes, Canadian Saver - that Plum Orange Conserve is delish! I did buy organic plums and I'm glad I did cut them up for the jam - I was a little startled by what was inside a few of the plums - ick! I hate to think I may have eaten a few of those inadvertently. Oh well, at least the Conserve is safe. I also have a five pound bag of pears so tonight, I may make some pear mincemeat, to have on hand for the holidays - it's delicious as well. I can't quite stomach the commercially-prepared mincemeat that has suet in it - too heavy for me.
And Marlena, yes, there's nothing wrong with being an introvert. One of the weirdest things I find lately is this tendency in the media (and I work in the media!) to label anyone who's a loner as being a looney. Maybe the loners are just trying to get away from the loonies.
I am drinking a tea that's called Angel's Dream. It's a black tea flavored with maple and blackberry. It's nice but nothing spectacular. I'm glad it's just a sample. I think for work, I'll bring some Earl Grey Creme with me. Am trying to stay away from Timmy's this week - had a no spend day yesterday and I would like to have another one today. Payday is September 15 and I have $20 to last me until then. With a full fridge and cupboard, it is do-able - as long as I stay out of the shops!

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