Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tea shopping

In my previous post, I noted the problems with online shopping with retailers outside of Canada - a problem that even the best retailer can't hide from - the customs charges we may get hit with on the other side. It's a shame because it often makes you think twice before ordering although there are so many good US companies to deal with, and the Canadian dollar is so good now that it is still hard not to buy out of country. There is nothing worse though than getting hit with a customs bill that's higher than what you've actually bought. I wish there were more Canadian retailers to deal with - it's crossed my mind to turn my former Farmers Market tea business into an online company but I'm still unsure of doing so. I am thinking about it, though.
One company I have dealt with for years is Harneys, which I believe is based in Connecticut with a store in upstate New York. I would love to go to that shop! Tea heaven, I'm sure. I've gotten many interesting teas from Harneys but my two favorites are Paris and Tropical Green. Some people describe Paris as a vanilla Earl Grey but I disagree. However, it was Paris that revived my taste for Earl Grey - even though it was a favorite in my earlier years, I couldn't stand it for years because I found it to be too floral. Paris does have a unique flavor and whenever I am in a quandry of what to drink, I usually reach for it. Not surprisingly, I buy it by the pound.
I am not a big green tea person but I make an exception for Tropical Green. It is flavored with pineapple and I can't really think of any other tea that is. It is so tasty and makes a divine iced tea - doesn't even need sweetener. It's a great summertime tea.