Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New teapot

Don't you love it when the mail carrier brings you a parcel of new teas to try? It happened to me yesterday. He also brought me my latest Beehouse tea pot - a 15-ounce one in textured tan. My other 3 (yellow, lilac and pumpkin) are 22 ounce but already I like this size better - a perfect two cups, which is usually what I want when I make tea. I also love the color - sort of the color of chai tea, with a little too much milk in it.
I first got a Beehouse teapot about four years ago and I have been using them every day, several times a day, ever since. When I had the tea business, I sold them although some people balked at the price - a fact I found odd since these same people wouldn't think twice to spend the same amount on a piece of meat or a cake, a ticket or an item of clothing, while the teapot could be used everyday for the rest of their lives. The price wasn't even that high - between $35 and $40 - which is what you'll pay for any quality teapot in Canada. The best part of a Beehouse? Besides their deceptive size (it's amazing how much tea those things hold) and stylishness, they don't drip!
And we don't want to waste any of that tasty tea, now do we?