Thursday, May 28, 2009

Waiting for Supper

And what do I do? Snack! It's an unfortunate habit - especially when there's chocolate bars hanging around. When I hit the local dollar store the other night (the same one where I once found Scharffenberger bars for a buck), they were selling off Hershey's Extra Cacao milk chocolate bars and that's what I'm scarfing down right now. Pretty tasty for a buck. Try as I might, I still prefer milk chocolate to dark, although I eat dark quite often.
The library had a book sale and I got a Hershey's cookbook, along with a book of Buddhist vegetarian recipes. The second book even had a recipe for green tea ice cream - could be interesting. I've stayed away from tea-flavored products, except for the occasional package of mints - which I hated. Somehow, I just can't imagine tea-flavored ice cream - I love sweet things but I can't stand sugar with tea. There's even tea-flavored chocolate. Seems sacriligious some how ...