Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday with tea

It's Sunday morning and I'm sitting with a pot of Darjeeling Makaibari Organic First Flush. I made it according to the directions but it seems a little weak - or maybe it's just really mild to my jaded palate. It's quite pleasant nonetheless. I actually prefer tea to be mild unless it's a spicey tea - then bring it on! I got this darjeeling from - I started dealing with them years ago and have always gotten great service. Their prices are good and they allow you a few free samples of own choosing with every order so it's a good chance to try tea you might not normally get. I tried a blood orange tea from them about a year ago - now there's a tea to get. If you like orange flavor with your tea, you simply must try it - it is delish!
The only problem with shopping at is that it is across the border in the US and sometimes I get hit with customs charges, especially if I buy non-tea items such as accessories or teapots. They have another tea that's great, especially in the summer, called Lady Londonderry. It's strawberries and kiwi on a black tea base. Yum!