Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Love to eat and that decaf Earl Grey

I may not have been too impressed with those cookies last night but to day, oh boy! They're excellent so I'll be using that recipe again. It's from one of the Company's Coming Cookies cookbooks - one of the small ones. It's worth trying. I also made a pan of coconut ice for the first time, which is also delish. Take a package of unflavored coconut, a can of condenced milk and a half a cup of sugar and mix it all together. Put in the fridge overnight and prepare to make a pig of yourself - it's that good.
So much for modifying my diet for weight control and lowering my cholesterol.
I really do enjoying eating, drinking, cooking and everything surrounding all of these things. All my best memories even incorporate food in some way. I'm ashamed to admit I have more positive food memories than of anything else - guess I should work on that! But seriously, I really do have to work on eating more nutritiously - sometimes I wonder how I've escaped Type 2 Diabetes this long (and I was just checked less than two weeks ago and I'm perfectly fine).
Of course, tea can be incorporated into a healthy diet. I have to limit my caffeinated teas to three cups a day but that doesn't stop me from enjoying good tea - despite what many would like you to believe, there are good decaffeinated teas (and coffees) out there. Interestingly enough, the Earl Greys seem to stand up rather well to decaffeination. I am currently drinking a decaf loose Earl Grey from Metropolitan Tea that is perfectly fine - in fact, I prefer it to the caffeinated version. You could probably pick it up in any place that sells loose teas or at gift shops which sells Metropolitan's 4 oz loose tea gift bags. It's good stuff.