Thursday, May 14, 2009

So much food, too little time

You've probably realized by now that I love to eat. And work hasn't been making things easy this week - employee lunch on Wednesday, free pizza and cannolli for lunch today and then this evening, I went out to supper, thanks to a gift card from work. Everything was delicious but it's not helping the waistline any! Tomorrow, it's back to plain food, fruit, crackers and tea. And I think the perfect tea would be a Golden Nepal, a tea I ordered from, sometime back. I've just become acquainted with black teas from Nepal and the Himalayan areas and they're so good. Light, flavorful - the very essence of what I like tea to be. I'm not a fan of heavy Assam-like teas - I prefer lighter teas that caress your mouth. Illam is a particularly nice tea - I think it's also from Nepal and has a darjeeling quality to it. I think I just talked myself into opening a one pound bag of Illam - oh well, these things must be done eventually.