Monday, May 11, 2009

Another Munchy Monday

Just finished making oatmeal raisin cookies using a new recipe. Should be OK but I'll probably go back to my normal recipe, which comes from the California Raisin people - best recipe there is, in my opinion. I do think a chai would go well with these. Although I am a loose tea drinker, there are sometimes when I do prefer a bag and that's the case with chai's. My personal favorite is Stash's black tea chai, followed by Tazo chai and then Stash's Christmas Chai. For some reason, the spices always seem to fall to the bottom when it comes to a loose tea chai and I usually end up with one cup that's all spice. Somehow, the bag seems to keep everything in the right balance. Chai's are also the only teas to which I add milk, but never sugar. Can't stand sugar in any type of tea, really, although some say it brings out the flavor in some flavored teas. To each their own.