Sunday, May 10, 2009

Des(s)ert Island Fare

With all this talk of flu and pandemics, it makes you wonder what would happen if we all had to stay inside for a month or two and even if we could go out, no stores would be open. So what sort of goodies do you keep stockpiled in case of emergencies? Here's my list.
Teas - Upton's New England Harvest Blend; Harney's Paris Blend; Metropolitan Tea's Orange Spice and for those really lazy days, Stash's Orange Spice Tea bags.
Chocolate: Hershey bars with almonds - my cheap all-purpose fix; Scharfenberger Extra Creamy Milk Chocolate; Lindt Coffee Milk Chocolate - actually, anything by Lindt.
Cookies: Anything chocolatey by Leclerc; Walker's shortbread; my own oatmeal raisin and/or triple chocolate chip.
Other: chicken noodle soup, pasta, cheddar, eggs, oranges, grapes, potatoes and other assorted fruits and vegetables and whatever else that's needed to fill out a meal.
See a pattern here?