Saturday, November 7, 2009

And now for the chocolate!

Blame it on Halloween but I've been eating a lot more chocolate lately and some of it has been pretty good. Of course, there's the inevitable little bars that I always pick up the day after Halloween (this year Crispy Crunch and Coffee Crisps have been the snacks of choice) but recently I did order from Purdy's in British Columbia. The candy arrived within a week to the other coast and was in perfect condition. I immediately wrapped up most of it since most of it was intended for gifts (Chocolate gingers and Turkish Delights for Mum, Chocolate covered English Toffee for brother, chocolate covered almonds for other relatives) but I did leave a bag of those almonds out for me.
They didn't last long.
They were huge, fresh almonds covered with a rich milk chocolate - just about perfect. The chocolate had a bit of a sour taste that's reminiscent of Hershey's (as far as cheap chocolate goes, I think Hershey's is alright) but much better - just really good milk chocolate.
Today, I bought a block of the nut and milk chocolate English toffee at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Darn, I wish that stuff wasn't so good! I could sit down and eat a whole box of it but I was smart and bought myself only one block - I know myself too well.
Then I was in Bulk Barn and they had 300 g bars of fresh Belgian milk chocolate with hazelnuts for $2.99 - into the cart it went. I haven't tried it yet but there are few things more divine than chocolate and hazelnuts so how bad can it be?

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