Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I worked today...

and I wasn't overly happy about it but, I will get the day off at another time. It was a bit frustrating really to be working because no one else is and that means you can't really do your job properly so you end up not able to do much of anything - not really the way I want to spend a day. But tomorrow, everyone is back so things should return to normal.
I tried the Starbucks VIA instant coffee. It tasted like .... instant coffee. Nice instant coffee but still, instant coffee. I won't be getting any more. I completed the drink with coffee whitener - uh huh. May as well go for gusto, eh? Some people drink this stuff every day. I did taste one coffee whitener once that tasted of chocolate and mint and it was pretty nice until I realized it was making me sick to my stomach. Sigh, even my individual body parts are snobs. I guess it's only real cream for my real coffee. And I'll have my preferably loose tea without any milk or sugar, thank you very much.
And now that it's mid-November, that can only mean one thing.
It's Lapsang Souchong time! Every year at this time, I have a few cups and try and convince myself that I like it. Will this be the year?
I'll let you know ...

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