Sunday, November 15, 2009

Spending, blending and The Prisoner

I've been spending alot the past few days but I really don't feel guilty about it. There have been Christmas presents, food and things I needed, like a new pair of winter boots, a pair of slippers and some makeup items. Well, maybe the makeup items weren't essential but they helped me earn a whole pile of points at Shoppers which will get me $25 in free stuff later and a $10 Tim Horton card. I plan to get Christmas goodies with the points money and the Tim's card will get me two free lunches when I'm in the big city next week so all is good.
I haven't been talking much about tea lately, mainly because I'm drinking my own blends, which you, dear reader, can't get since I no longer have my tea business. I have been mulling the possibility of doing an online version of it but that's next year, at the earliest. I'd probably emphasize my own blends, as opposed to having a big selection of teas that you can get pretty much anywheres so there may be limited appeal although some of my blends are pretty good! At this time of year, the holiday blend comes out. That's a black tea blend of apple, orange and mulled spices and it's a nice, warming drink on these cold days. It was one of my best sellers, along with another, which was a much stronger, breakfast-style tea. Another good seller for me was a spring blend, which included green tea with strawberry and blueberry flavors. I'm thinking I should do a November blend, something smoky but optimistic at the same time, if that makes any sense.
I've been watching The Prisoner the past few days - the episodes are available online. I loved it as a child and I'm a little shocked, seeing it all these years later, just how oddly current it is. Apparently a remake has been made and it's being shown on TV but it's not on a channel we get in this part of the world. Doesn't matter - the original is always the best anyway. Interestingly, most scenes have tea in them, always served from a teapot and poured into a dainty flowered china tea cup and saucer - almost looks Royal Albert to me. And people are always asked China or India, for their preference in tea - I wish they'd do that now! Although, sometimes reataurants will ask if you want green, black or herbal but it usually means they just have a larger selection of bags in the back. Wouldn't it be great if restaurants worked as much at their tea service as they do with their coffee service?

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