Thursday, November 19, 2009

... and a not so productive one

Yep, yesterday was a washout - I got to work and didn't do much else and today is even worse, mainly because I had to pull an early morning shift - up at 3 am and finished at noon. It's not even 9 pm and I'll head to bed after writing this. I am just not an early bird.
But I did reawaken my taste buds for spicey chai tea again. Had a cup at Tim's while waiting for a ride on a cool, sunny November day and so enjoyed it. It's definitely chai time again. My favorites are Stash and Tazo but Tim's wasn't bad - their teas are pretty good and I should know - like most Canadians, I spend too much money there! Chai is the only tea that I add milk to (unless I'm having really bad stuff in restaurant) but never sugar. And I much prefer bags to loose since I make it by the cup and each bag is premeasured with spices, wheras loose, spices will sometimes settle and you end up with weak cups at first and then way too strong at the end. Yeah, you're suppose to shake it up before you use it but honestly, who does?


  1. You had to be at work at 3 am? Yikes! I sometimes find 8 am too early here ;-)

    I'm probably one of the only Canadians who doesn't like Tim Horton's coffee. Never had their teas. I do love the donuts though!!

  2. Normally I don't work until 10 am, which is much more civilized! But I had to replace the early shift guy that day since the substitute couldn't come in. The early morning guy is going on vacation in December so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the other guy will be able to fill in - I hate the early mornings!
    I'm not a big fan of Tim's coffee but their teas are pretty good. I do like a decaf coffee occasionally in the afternoon and the office coffee pot is full of mould so Tim's it is, on far too many days. I try to make my own tea at work - I bring my own boiling water from home in a Thermos and a selection of whatever I'm drinking.