Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tried the chocolate ....

and it's OK - nothing great. It would qualify as "emergency chocolate," you know, the kind you eat when you really need some chocolate and there's nothing open and there's no gas in the car to get you there even if the stores were open. I might have known $2.99 for 300 grams of chocolate was a little too good to be true.
But my efforts from today's baking are truly good - banana chocolate chip muffins, peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and an apple crisp - everything turned out great! It's always good when your home cooking turns out well - now I can fully avoid the pastry stops on my way to work this week. Besides, I really do make good muffins, which is good since it seems most restaurants, coffee shops and bakeries don't. I always find they're too sweet or artificial tasting. Or even worse, have no flavor at all. Now cookies are a different story - everywhere makes better cookies than me, although today's turned out fine. Do you have any foods that you make really well or not?


  1. I make really good brownies and terrible omelets - they always breakup instead of folding over nicely, And I'm not so hot at fritatas either. I enjoy your posts. Visit me sometime at

  2. Hi Marlena:
    Thanks for commenting - I really haven't done a thing to publicize this blog so it's a pleasant surprise to learn that someone is actually reading it. I set it up as a bit of a writing exercise to force myself back into the habit of writing and it seems to be working. I've been to your blog but I just had time to read the first page - I've been going through a busy spell so on the weekend, I'll read through all your posts. It's nice to find another tea blog that's fun to read!